The worst part is the potential he had. Stormtrooper turned good?? That wouldve been awesome if done correctly. I saw a youtuber mention this, but in TLJ, it is LAUGHABLE that Rian decided to put him on the RECEIVING end of Rose's "uwu war is bad" speech. What would've been a thousand times better is if it had been FINN giving that speech TO POE, given how much Poe seemed to have been enjoying war earlier in the movie. That could've been a valuable character moment for the both of them


Disney ruined Star Wars movies. They had dozens of legends books they could have drawn influence from, stories that the fans and newcomers would both love, but no, instead we get 3 irredeemable shit shows full of lens flares, bullshit story telling, and typical Disney corniness that is completely out of place in the Star Wars universe. They should just stick with their tv shows, they clearly can’t make a trilogy