Honestly, Jenny might be the worst portrayal of a “good” person in movies ever. Forrest is a feel good movie because Forrest while technically having an IQ about room temperature has such a basic understanding of things that sometimes he strikes a nugget of truth that we with our high and mighty intellects overlook. More than that he loved Jenny. Did everything for Jenny. Continued to forever hold out for Jenny. She doesn’t come around till she’s dying, has a kid and Forrest is rich. She ran out on him time and time again, frankly Forrest should have moved on but…he’s Forrest. I love Forrest Gump but it isn’t a love story because it is an example of an abusive relationship. That said, maybe that’s why it’s a classic. The characters aren’t perfect, they’re real. Maybe that’s why we relate to Forrest, because we’ve all had a Jenny in our lives at some point, in someway.


Fuck Jenny