He speaks the truth



Which of you fuckers is the outlier capable of falling asleep instantly, I just wanna talk


As a now chronic insomniac, against my will, I was such a good sleeper and had no idea. I could fall asleep in 15-30 minutes, sleep 8-14 hours no problem. Sleep until I wasn’t tired anymore. Wake up feeling maybe a little groggy but by the time I was done using the bathroom, feeling good and ready to tackle the day. I. WAS. NIAVE. WHY CAN I BE TIRED BUT NOT SLEEPY? WHY DO I HAVE TO FIGHT TO SLEEP? When you’re exhausted, you sleep. Explain to me how I can be too exhausted to SLEEP? I haven’t gotten eight hours in over three years and I’ve tried everything. At this point I think the only way I can be sure of a good night’s sleep is about 8 grams of lead, applied directly to the temple. I hear it has great resulting but it’s waking back up that’s the problem.