Fight about it



Well so far Stargate hasn't been utterly destroyed by Kurtzman or Jar Jar Abrams, so Stargate wins.


My comment when I found this was "😂 but... I mean objectively Stargate command was fighting a gorilla war with the goa'uld, so unrooting them from the worlds where they had taken the kidnapped was the only real boots on ground solution. First because the cultures where either influenced by or directly set up by the goa'uld to keep them subservient, so they would never advance far enough to challenge them they where almost never occuring without their involvement, other than the advanced cultures like the Nox who the goa'uld weren't a threat to. Second unlike starfleet command they didn't have the teeth to defend those cultures even later in the series when they had Daedalus class warships, taking on a Cheops class warship with detachment was a slim enough fight much less multiple. Hence the focus on Earth's defense and occasionally protecting their interests in the pegasus galaxy in the form of the Atlantis expedition. Nevermind the more modern military mindset vs and idealistic one in a culture that had moved beyond ideas like currency. Quality meme tbh, I laughed then my brain went turbo nerd and overanalyzed the shit out of it."