We don't have a closet for coats at the goth club I go to and this story makes me perfectly fine with that. Some of the stuff I have was really hard to find and expensive



I worked in a kitchen at a summer camp except I was a certifiably horrid chef. I ended up on dishwasher duty for the whole summer as a result which was fine because for some reason God gave me the uncanny ability to get literally anything off of those pans no matter how tough it was


Man that coat story pisses me off. I had to pay for coat check at a rave and they dropped a rack of coats. A lady held up my coat and I said that was mine and she didnt believe me. I showed her my ticket stub but they lost the stubs. I had to plead with her to give me my new jacket AFTER I already told her the brand. She didn't believe me. Like bitch you have one job and you won't give me my goddamn coat back after I identified it. Damn near went in there and ripped it out of here hands