Tact the Goat

One time when I was in 6th grade, my Language Arts teacher told us to fold a piece of paper up, but she didn't say how. So I put my hand up and asked "Are we folding them hamburger or hotdog style?" And she looked so freaking pissed and said "ARE YOU SERIOUSLY SO JUVENILE THAT YOU STILL SAY THAT!? Fold your papers long ways, like a grown up!" Which basically killed any chance of me raising my hand in school ever again. But the in 7th grade the very next year in the same school, when we had to fold papers again for a different project, my teacher deadass said "Alright kids, you're going to be folding your papers hot dog style!", which is why I still have trust issues to this day.


Very funny as a joke, but if any teacher actually said that, they would likely get sacked!