Oj is 73 so...


*sigh* In a just world O.J. Simpson should probably be in jail, but he was acquitted. Whether he was actually guilty or not is no longer an issue. A justice society must be consistent to the best of our abilities. For every O.J. Simpson that slipped through the cracks there’s 100 people who were rightfully acquitted because they were innocent who should have the same rights at the rest of us. It is what it is. As such, being over 73 puts him in the highest risk category from Covid, before a 65 year old grandmother. If we are to be a fair and just society this is how it must be, not because it’s perfect or flawless but because humanity makes mistakes and we are doing the best we can. That said, if I was the nurse administering it I think I’d pick the biggest, thickest and longest needle we have to give it to him.