I bought a new car the other day and i deadass cried about it for 3-4 days cuz I missed my old one



Especially when the new car replaced a rusty beat up hoopty you rolled around in for years. You just stand there and reflect on all the fun times, the no-starts, the car jumps, tire blowouts, getting almost stabbed and your tires slashed by that sexy mexican waitress you met at Buffalo wild wings, getting them replaced and going back to her house cause the sex was immaculate, getting fired from your job for threatening to, and I quote "Put ya mama in a black dress", to your bitch ass manager Dave, getting pulled over by the same cop twice in the same spot rolling through the same stop sign with that steaknshake bag buckled into the passenger seat this time and that mf saw it and didn't even crack a smile so you knew right then you getting a ticket. So many memories yknow?


And two months. And 5 months. 2 years. 20 years. 50. Literally watch it til the moment I fukin drop