I don’t even have social media. And honestly I think I’ve been better off for it.


That’s kind of a dead giveaway. At least for me, when I’m really depressed, I won’t even go online. It’s when I’m not on lol pics that I’m having a really rough time. Shit can really drain the enjoyment of life. If you are so depressed that you don’t even want to laugh, I use it as a big red flag for me personally that I am not ok. February has not been kind to me. Just remember you’re not alone. Sometimes people here can be assholes but it’s far less toxic than any other social interaction sites. Some people still don’t understand my comedy or sarcasm. 99% of the time I sound like an asshole or say mean shit I’m saying it in a sarcastic or completely in the sense of “Hey we are friends and I’m going to roast your ass but tomorrow we are still cool because we are friends.” (Except you Lenny, you can eat a potato bag of baby dicks)